Sustainable Growth & Responsible Development

On a local level, participation in community planning activities is essential to being informed. Developers proposing new business in our township must be committed to fiscally responsible and community-friendly projects while we grow Schuylkill Township. Mark will reinforce a local voice as well as a practical regional agenda when reviewing planning priorities to ensure that the effects of local projects are mutually beneficial to the community and its developers. As a first step, Mark applied to the Schuylkill Planning Commission, which participates directly in the township’s review process, and was appointed by the township supervisors in April 2017.

Recent proposals include projects such as the proposed development of a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) near the Powderhorn Knoll neighborhood and expansion of the Freedom Trail throughout Chester County to allow for improved access to amenities both in the township and in surrounding areas. Mark has a particular interest in addressing the current plans for local and regional infrastructure. He will effectively communicate and actively represent the views of Schuylkill Township residents in discussions with regional and state officials.

Representation and Communication

Residents of Schuylkill Township deserve to be heard by their representatives. Mark believes in the Right to Know and supports public inquiry. Residents have the freedoms in place to be heard during monthly board meetings, through public commentary on local development proposals and new ordinances, or even individual meetings. Mark will encourage all those with opinions to step up and be counted during all stages of local development and will support on-the-record interactions. Though not specifically a duty of a township supervisor, Mark also believes that it is important to hold state level representatives accountable for legislation that affects activities in the township and beyond. Currently involved at the local level with a few community groups that undertake such endeavors, Mark will continue to participate and aid in the efforts of local organizations that have concerns about what our representatives are proposing in their various committees. Residents of Schuylkill Township and local organizations may set up individual or group meetings, pending availability, by emailing him at


This community of ours in the Greater Valley Forge area understands the importance of preserving open spaces for future generations to enjoy. Schuylkill Township residents supported an open space referendum in 2006, but have since seen a virtual explosion in commercial growth, a rapid increase in population, and traffic congestion along the Rte 23 corridor. Mark wants to ensure that Schuylkill Township retains a “small town vibe” while making necessary steps to integrate with 21st Century society. Impact assessment should not just be limited to potential financial gains. Developers must know that when they come to the township with proposals, they will be reviewed by trained professionals who have the environment and public convenience at the forefront of development goals. The evaluation of development plans to ensure that maximal open space is preserved is key to keeping this township a beautiful part of the region.