Summer has come and gone, and it is well past time for a campaign update. You may be wondering why you haven’t heard from me in a while.

In June, shortly after the primaries, I was hospitalized and diagnosed with adrenal cancer. Recovering from major surgery and starting treatment has been extensive and exhausting. Thankfully, the doctors removed the tumor and my recovery is now on a steady upswing. After being cleared for physical activity this week, my wife, Mary, and I went for a run. I think you’ll agree, I wore the perfect shirt – “Excuses Suck.”

Speaking of “running,” I am happy to share that I will continue my campaign for Schuylkill Township Supervisor. No excuses here. Though I have fallen behind on website upkeep, I started attending meetings again in July. I will resume reporting on local happenings and keeping my calendar up to date with local political events. Keep an eye out this week for an update on the most recent issues in the township, and stay connected through Facebook and my blog for opportunities to get involved. I hope you will join me in this campaign as we build up to the general election in November!

I have spent the last three months living the mantra “Cancer is no excuse.” It has been a significant disruption, no doubt; but I will not let it derail my drive to make a difference.


No Excuses

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