Responsibilities of Township Supervisors

There are 1,454 townships in Pennsylvania covering 95% of all land in the state. These townships are run by elected officials who serve six-year terms on the local board of supervisors. Supervisors are entrusted with improving their community by undertaking the day-to-day responsibilities of township administration. Schuylkill Township has a board of five supervisors who enact and enforce ordinances, set budgets, approve expenditures, hire township employees and contractors, and levy taxes (excluding property taxes levied by the school board). In Schuylkill Township, there will be two vacancies to fill in the 2019 municipal elections.


Our supervisors consider recommendations from appointed planning groups called commissions. These groups consist of qualified local volunteers who meet with township engineers and potential developers to discuss environmental protection, land use (planning and zoning), public safety, historical preservation, and other issues. Members of each commission are typically appointed after submission of a resume to demonstrate their expertise on the matter at hand. Our township board reserves the right to reject the findings and recommendations of these commissions. This may occur if they do not agree with proposed actions or find the scope of the proposals to extend beyond an available budget. At this time, there are open positions on some of the commissions in Schuylkill Township, including the zoning hearing board and planning commission. Please check out the available opportunities on the right sidebar of the Schuylkill Township homepage for more details.